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Our Markets and Certificate

We supply our Sublimation Paper (SYKIMAGE) to different industries in many foreign countries, such as Sublimation paper importer, consumable retailer, ink cartridge retailer, image printing output dealer. We also provide OEM service. We are exporting to USA, UK, New Zealand, Germany, France, Romania, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, India, Malaysia, etc. We enjoy a good reputation in the world markets. In addition, we are continuously exploring the overseas market, and diligently being the outstanding supplier in the field of Sublimation paper.


We are cooperating with UPS, DHL, FEDEX, TNT and other express companies. If you need samples, we can send the samples to your directly. “Efficiency” ”convenience” “high-quality” ”low cost” would always be our target. Whenever and wherever you need the samples to have a test, we can send to you as soon as possible. Nothing is impossible.
All over the world, we share different favorable resources. Since the express makes the world small, why not taking advantage of each other? Why not making the most use of global source? Why not cooperating with us to create the most benefits? So, choosing us is your best choice.