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Italy Original KIIAN Sublimation Ink

Product Description

Kiian Digital is colour and it is ink. Kiian Digital is the de-facto standard when it comes to sublimation transfer ink formulations. But Kiian Digital is more: it can deliver solutions for a wide range of applications. Sublimation, disperse direct and pigment inks for digital textile printing. All water based. All are reliable and sustainable.

 KIIAN sublimation ink


1. Moisture, easy to dry, no water ripple.
2.Suitable for a variety of photo printers, such as Mutoh, Roland, Mimaki, Epson isobaric electrical printers.
4. Clear pictures and texts, leaving no trace.
5. Smooth performance, does not plug nozzle.
6. Water fastness and light fastness reach 4 to 5 classes.
1.Bright color, good performance is good, do not plug beak
2.Containing bottom water, easy to dry, no ripples
3.The cost is low, Each square meter of ink consumption than other type of ink to less than 30%, longer life nozzle.
Specification and Different Models
Inks for transfer sublimation printing with Epson DX3,DX4 and DX5 print heads.
 Transfer sublimation inks with last generation richo piezo print heads .Developed for printing onto light ane/or low coated papers
Inks for  direct and transfer sublimation prinring with last generation Epson print heads.
Inks for transfer sublimation printing with last generation Epson print heads .
Developed for printing onto light ane/or low coated papers
Inks for transfer sublimation printing with kyocera piezo print heads.
Inks for transefr sublimation printing with ricoh piezo print heads.
Transfer sublimation inks with next generation Epson print heads.Product with a higher light fastness than the standard sublimation ink.
Transfer sublimation printing inks with pansonic print head.

1. Good quality and service
2. Trouble-free printing
3. Color and Vivd
4. High printing resolotion
Fabric, leather, metal, wood, ceramic, glass, organic glass, PVC sheet, etc.
Our service:
1. We offer OEM/ODM Service. 
2. We are integrated industrial and trade enterprises, We can offer the best international trading service. 
3. We have been producing since 2009, Quality is the reason why we can stand on the top of industry, we can always give you the best quality control. 
4. Fast delivery, We have plenteous production lines and scientific production management system to ensure the delivery time. 
5. We have professional team working for overseas trading, which can save more of your valuable time.
Kiian sublimation ink