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Roll to Roll Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine

Product Description

Rotary heat press machine is special design for those large but roll products, such as fabric, textile, curtain, mousepad, etc sublimation by oil roller drum heating, roller drum and fabrics should be same speed. our this size 420x1700mm printing speed can reach 4-5 meter per minute.
Heat press machine
Product Specification

Electric Requirements:

50HZ380V or Customized



Heated Model:

Oil Heating System

Adjustable Temper Ranges:


Working Temper:


Heating System:

Digital Adjustable Temper Control

Automatic System:

Frequency Motor to Control the Speed



Diameter of Heating Drum:


Length of Heating Drum:


Width of Blanket:




Working Platen:


Matched Configuration:

Rewind paper/Rewind cloth/Unwind paper/Unwind cloth system


1 Year

Packing Size:


Net Weight:


Gross Weight:


CharacteristicHeat press machine
1) The electric control adopts latest technology that allows separation of the machine body and the blanket automatic,with a power failure protection functions. 
2)  It is applicable to all over or piece hot press, with a 2-3 times higher work efficiency.
3)  Electronic digital terminal temperature control and motor frequency conversion digital speed regulation, with high accuracy (±1-2°C).
4)  Drum surface with chrome plating, high hardness and good printing performance, wearable and stickiness-proof.
1. It adopts advanced oil-warming technology and liquid circular heat conduction, with even heating and high thermal conductivity.
2.External oil-filling tank and auto-close valve make it convenient to change heat transfer.
3.A design of pneumatic pressure system make rotary  printing machine do perfect transfer.
4.Can let the blanket to be automatic correction, ensure the normal orbit, make the efficiency of heat transfer enhancement and the transfer quality guaranteed.
1. This machine adopt the most advanced technology imported components, automatic spacing, accurate and reliable security, it can use long time. 
2. The drum adopt the heating oil system, it can distribution the temperature more uniformity and stability.
3. It equipped with the unlimited adjust system, the feed equipment can be use convenient, safe, accurate security.
4. This machine has a rolling function, it is suitable for the roll fabric printing.
5. Get CE certificate, 1 year warranty.
1.This machine can be used for both roll material and sheet material heat transferring.It is suitable for sublimation transfer large banners,flags,T-shirt,nonwoven fabrics,apparel 
fabrics,towels,blankets,mouse pads and other products in the piece, especially the continuous transfer of the cloth.
2.Capable of continuous printing speed, to meet the needs of large volume printing the customer.
 Application of the heat press machine
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