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Oric FP3202-E Large Format Printer with Double DX-5 print heads

 Product Description

ORIC FP3202-E large format printer, with double DX-5 print heads in 3.2m they have the best control system in China and excellent structure and ultimate printing speed to get the best printing performance with high transfer rate.Also in a cheap price ,must be your best choice.
 Oric FP3202-E
Product SpecificationOric FP3202-E Large Format Printer
Printing Technology: Piezoelectric Inkjet
Print Head: Double DX-5 print heads 
Acceptable Media:
Width: 128in.(3250mm)
Thickness: Maximum 39mil(1mm)
Printing Width:126in.(3200mm)
Printing Resolution:Maximum 1440dpi
Independent Research of Intelligent Inkjet Technology
"This machine use independent research and development of intelligent inkjet technology
Through intelligent control , it can make a variety of ink droplets of different sizes.It not only can show you the extreme resolution 1200dpi ,but also can accomplish the higher quality compared with the same type machines when it print in low resolution"
Oric FP3202-E Large Format Printer
CISS Guarantee Printing Continuously
Stable continue ink supply system  uses special algorithm to ensure the stability of ink supply when printing ,it solves the  problem of short of ink because of ink supply
Un-wind and Re-wind Media Perfectly
"Use media fixed device to complete the winding and unwinding process of sublimation paper
Adjust media axle at any time. Use of tension stick ensures the media enter into take-up axle completely"
Oric FP3202-E Large Format Printer
Directly print on fabric
Print and heat without paper transfer
Perfect enjoyment from high speed
With Four Epson dx5 printheads of staggered layout
Wide application
Advertising (Flags, Banners, Gaming Tables etc.)
Home Testiles (Curtains, Bed Linen, Decorative Fabrics etc.)
Hard Substrates Polyester-Coated and Polyamide (Ceramics, Metal Plates, Glass, Skis, and Snowboards)
  Oric FP3202-E Large Format Printer
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