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Heat Pressing Machine

Automatic Rotary Sublimation Heat Press Transfer Printing Machine


Roller Width
Voltage Power Temp. Range Printing Speed Weight
Main engine
1.2m 420mm 380V/220V 15KW 0-390 0-6m/min 1000KG 215*145*174 30
1.7m 420mm 380V/220V 18KW 0-390 0-6m/min 1800KG 263*139*160 30
2m 420mm 380V/220V 22KW 0-390 0-6m/min 2100KG 290*145*170 30
1.2m 600mm 380V/220V 20KW 0-390 0-8m/min 1800KG 243*167*171 30
1.7m 600mm 380V/220V 26KW 0-390 0-8m/min 2300KG 263*167*171 30
1.9m 600mm 380V/220V 33KW 0-390 0-8m/min 2600KG 288*167*171
Special size machines can be customized! 

Roll to roll heat transfer machine for sportswear,swimsuit,t-shirt,table cloth,pillow cover
big size heat transfer press machine

1. This machine can heat transfer print color patterns and words painted with subliming ink and solvent ink on textile fabric such as cotton, hemp and chemical fiber.
2. Floss and sparkle heat printing.
3. The machine introduced advanced and imported units to assure the exact controlling of the temperature.
4. Equipped with continuous speed adjustment system, you can adjust printing speed as you need.The roller was heating up with oil and temperature heating system.
5. Then have more even and stable temperature.
6. Zonal blanket is apart with roller that assures the service span of the Zonal blanket and has more convenient tension system.


1) When you inquiry this machine, please kindly let us know what printing size you need; 
2) As a manufacturer, we can ensure high quality machines & competitive price for you; 
3) Huge stock can meet your urgent demand!