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Italy Kiian Digistar E-SUN Sublimation Transfer Ink

 Product Description

This KIIAN Digistar E-SUN Sublimation Transfer Ink for sublimation transfer printing, with a higher light fastness than the standard sublimation inks. Ideal for transferring onto synthetic fabrics (polyester) and onto blended fibres (min 85% PES). Ideal for sportswear and outdoor decoration (high brightness and good light fastness)
 KIIAN Digistar E-SUN sublimation transfer ink
Product SpecificationKIIAN Digistar E-SUN sublimation transfer ink
Chemical nature: sublimation
Print heads: Epson
Print: textile
*Extreme drying conditions near the printer carriage could compromise the quality of the prints.
*Require safety data sheets, available for all products, and always follow the contained instructions regarding all the specific information and the environmental safety.
*The ink performance is strictly connected to the used plotter model and printing procedure.
*It is recommended to always make printing, drying and transfer tests onto the substrates which are meant to be used, so as to exactly determine features, working time and effects to be obtained.
*It is recommended to carry out light fastness tests on the printed fabric in order to verify that the solidities meet the required quality standards. The printing substrate and the conditions of use, in fact, affect the results in terms of lightfastness.
1.High chromatic performance
2.Good general fastness
3.High light fastness
4.Excellent drying quickness of the printedpaper
5.Excellent release (transfer) capacity
 KIIAN Digistar E-SUN sublimation transfer ink
• Compatible with the above-mentioned piezo printheads
• Ideal for transferring onto synthetic fabrics (polyester)
• Indicated for transferring onto blended fibres (min 85% PES)
• Ideal for sportswear and outdoor decoration (high brightness and good light fastness)
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