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Italy Water-based J-ECO SUBLY NANO Sublimation Ink

 Product Description

J-ECO SUBLY NANO NS-60 are inkjet inks especially designed to be used on digital printers with piezo printhead DX5.They are particularly suitable for digital printing on polyester textiles used in sports and outer wear, as well as for a variety of plastic substrates such as snowboards, skateboards, windsurfs, etc
 J-next SUBLY NANO sublimation ink
Product SpecificationJ-next SUBLY NANO sublimation ink
Capacity:1000 ml/Bottle
Use in:Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki, Epson and Inkjet Printers
Ink systems: Water based inks
1.Dispersed dyes within an eco-friendly liquid carrier that are printed onto paper.
2.Dispersed dyes are transferred from the paper to a textile creating a vibrant image
3.Dyes to run through high speed print heads without clogging
4.Have a wide variety of applications, from sports-wear to plastic substrates.
1.Waterbased dispersed dyes for sublimation printing.
2.Suitable for piezo printing heads DX5.
3.Free from Alkylphenolethoxylate according to EC Directive 2003/53/CE.
4.Optimal pigment dispersion thanks to Nanodot Technology
5.Printing on coated paper and transfer through press or calender
J-next SUBLY NANO sublimation ink 
1.High density,The color is 30% deeper than the conventional ink.
2.Can be used with both coatedor uncoatedsublimation paper.
4.Vibrant and bright colours
Keep out of reach of Children
Use ink in normal temperature(59℉~95℉)away from direct sunshine.
Do not drink
Do not store the ink in high or freezing temperatures
1. Polyester & polyammid fabrics, mixed synthetic fabrics (min. 60% of synthetic fibres)
2. Plastic substrates used in the manufacturing of sport equipment such as skis, 
snowboards, wakeboards, every substrates (wood, glass, ceramics) overprinted with 
polyester-based coating.
* Light polyester fabric, such as poly/lycra, chiffon, satin, mesh fabric, curtain fabric etc
* Ceramics, mugs, iphone cases, mouse pad, plate etc
J-next SUBLY NANO sublimation ink