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Italy Original J-Cube Dye Sublimation Transfer Ink

 Product Description

J-CUBE are waterbased digital inks particularly designed to be used on printersequipped with new generation printheads
 J-cube dye sublimation ink
Product SpecificationJ-cube dye sublimation ink
• J-CUBE NSK  suitable for KONICA MINOLTA printing heads.
• J-CUBE PNF  suitable for PANASONIC printing heads
• J-CUBE RF 40  suitable for RICOH printing heads
• J-CUBE R-TS    suitable for RICOH printing heads (MIMAKI TS-500)
Use and storage instruction
• TRANSFER PRINTING: the printed paper must be transferred hot, through calender or press, at a temperature between 200-210°C during a varying time, between 60-30 
• DIRECT PRINTING: this application requires “direct” printing onto the fabric, followed by a colour drying and fixing (through heat press or calender) at a temperature between 190-210°C during a varying time between 60-30 seconds.Direct printing allows to achieve a better penetration of the ink during the heat fixing process.
• It is recommended to keep the product away from light and heat sources at a temperature lower than 25°C.
 J-cube dye sublimation ink
*Waterbased piezo ink for digital sublimation and direct-to-textile printing
*Especially formulated for high speed digital printers equipped with new generation printing heads 
*Produced with the innovative Cluster Technology
1.Water-based with up to 30% reduced viscosity.
2.Dries fast on any coated papers with less deflection.
3.All packaging material is biodegradable or made from recycled materials.
4.Reduced viscosity by up to 30%.
5.Dries fast on any coated paper.
6.Less deflection allowing for greater printing accuracy.
 J-cube dye sublimation ink
SUBLIMATION and DIRECT-TO-FABRIC printing in polyester, polyamide fabric (Lycra and nylon) on the different applications, such as:
-Sportswear and Coats, Fashion Apparel and Accessories, Banners and Banners, Soft Signs, Every Substrate
- Wood, Ceramics, Glass
- Overprint With a polyester polyamide-based coating