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Italy Original J-SUBLY J-LUX Dye Sublimation Transfer Ink

 Produce Description

J-Lux is a water based digital ink for polyester fabrics and substrates featuring "superior light fastness" for applications such as fashion and home decoration fabrics, sportswear, and flags and banners.
 J-CUBE J-LUX Dye sublimation ink
Product SpecificationJ-CUBE J-LUX Dye sublimation ink
• TRANSFER PRINTING: the printed paper must be transferred hot, through calender or press, at a temperature between 200-210°C during a varying time, between 60-30 seconds.
• DIRECT PRINTING: this application requires “direct” printing onto the fabric, followed by a colour drying and fixing (through heat press or calender) at a temperature between 190-210°C during a varying time between 60-30 seconds. Direct printing allows to achieve a better penetration of the ink during the heat fixing process.
• It is recommended to keep the product away from light and heat sources at a temperature lower than 25°C
*New generation, waterbased piezo ink for digital sublimation
*Thanks to its innovative formulation it can be used with any type of wide format digital printer on the market
*Ecofriendly: free from Alkylphenolethoxylate (APE)
*Fast drying on any coated paper
*Suitable for Epson printing heads
*Water based piezo ink for digital sublimation and direct-to-textile printing
*Especially formulated for high speed digital printers equipped with new generation printing heads 
*Produced with the innovative Cluster Technology
 J-CUBE J-LUX Dye sublimation ink
• Polyester, polyamide fabrics and mixed synthetics fabrics (min.60% of synthetics fibres)
• Sportswear and outwear, fashion garments and accessories, soft signage, home decoration