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Fast Dry 58gsm 70'' Sublimation Transfer Paper

 Product Description

The 58gsm 70'' fast dry sublimation transfer paper with high quality has a fast dry performance and help you save your time and money also impro your working efficiency
 58gsm 70'' fast dry sublimation transfer paper
Product Speficification58gsm 70'' fast dry sublimation transfer paper
WEIGHT:58 grams
Length: 100m/roll,3000m/roll, 5000m/roll & customer size
SIZE:  70" Inches, or (1.8m width x 5000meters length)
Core: 2" or 3"
1. Maintain accuracy origin pattern;
2. Not easy to curl when a large amount of printing;
3. Coating evenly, fast ink absorption, quick drying, good paper deformation;
4. When transferring large release of color, transfer rates significantly higher than the similar products in the market, the transfer rate is about 98%;
5. Evenly, stable quality;
6. A long shelf life, colorful, full detail, high color reproduction after printing.
58gsm 70'' fast dry sublimation transfer paper 
1.high transfer rate,Superb Color,high color reduction degree.
2.dry quickly and good Anti-wrap resistance,Excellent Ink Release,absorbing ink speed quickly.
3. Super transfer efficiency, up to is significantly higher than similar products in the market.
4.uniform coating,No wet cockling, flying print without wrinkly.
5.small deformation,Clear image and can be save for long times after printed.  
*Apparel- Lycra materials-cycling- Polyamide-Swim&Surfwear- 100% polyester 
(stretch)-cycling, running, ice hockey wear- Sports and functional textiles.
*Home Internal: Curtain, Blind, Cushion, Table Cover, Towel Cleaner, etc.
*Advertisement- Flags- Banners- Felts- Gaming tables- Home Textiles.
*Hard Substrates- Ceramics- Metal plates- Skis- Snowboards- Mug, Cup
58gsm 70'' fast dry sublimation transfer paper